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"Weathering With You" LED Light Painting Lamp Light-Up Artwork Night Light

"Weathering With You" LED Light Painting Lamp Light-Up Artwork Night Light

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Product Title:

"Weathering With You LED Light Painting Lamp Artwork - From Solitude to Family Bliss | Adjustable Ambiance | Available in Two Sizes"


Product Description:

"Enhance your living space with the narrative depth of 'Weathering With You' through our LED light painting lamp artwork, which beautifully morphs from Hina Amano's solitary prayer into a heartwarming scene of family and companionship. Unlit, the artwork portrays Hina Amano in a moment of quiet reflection, her hands clasped in hopeful meditation. With the lights on, the narrative unfolds as Hodaka Morishima joins her under an umbrella, symbolizing protection and togetherness. The backdrop shifts to reveal a convivial family scene, invoking the warmth and intimacy of home.

Available in both Large (12.6" x 9.3") and Small (9.3" x 6.6") to accommodate your decorating needs, this light painting lamp artwork is framed in tasteful wood grain, offering an elegant addition to any room. The acrylic panel ensures that each detail stands out with striking clarity, complemented by the glow of LED lights that can be adjusted across Warm, White, and Neutral settings to match your mood or the desired ambiance.

Designed for ease, the lamp is activated by a simple line control switch and is powered by USB, allowing for placement flexibility. Connect it to any standard 5V 1A USB port with the included power cable, and instantly bring the essence of 'Weathering With You' into your surroundings. It's not just a piece of decor; it's a storytelling element that adds a layer of anime-inspired wonder to your everyday environment."


Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Choose from Large (12.6” x 9.3”) or Small (9.3” x 6.6”)
  • Frame: Classic wood grain design that enriches any decor style
  • Material: High-definition acrylic panel for a crystal-clear depiction
  • Light Source: Customizable LED lighting with three color settings (Warm, White, Neutral)
  • Control: User-friendly line control switch for hassle-free operation
  • Power: USB-powered convenience, 5V 1A compatible, includes USB power cable
  • Note: Does not include a USB wall charger.
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