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Urban Nights Bar Man Light Painting Artwork Table Lamp Night Light

Urban Nights Bar Man Light Painting Artwork Table Lamp Night Light

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Product Description:

Explore the "Urban Nightlife: Bar Man" light painting art, and let it transport you to the artistic realm of urban nights. When the lights are off, you'll see a grayscale image of a man seated at a bar table, his back turned. However, when you switch on the lights, the entire scene transforms into an enchanting burst of colors, unveiling the allure of the urban night in front of him.

This light painting art skillfully captures the essence of the bar scene, using lines to delineate the man seated at the bar table. When you illuminate the lights, the image bursts into a rich array of colors, as if you're stepping into the vibrant nightlife of a bustling city.

This light painting art isn't just a decorative piece; it's an expression of urban nightlife. It creates a unique ambiance of city nights, making it suitable for placement in bars, lounges, or any space where you want to embrace the charm of urban nightlife.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 32*23cm
  • Frame: Exquisite wood grain frame
  • Material: High-transparency acrylic panel
  • Light Source: 3-color adjustable LED lights
  • Control: Line control switch
  • Power: USB plug, 5V 2A

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