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Stargazing Cat Light Painting Artwork Table Lamp Night Light

Stargazing Cat Light Painting Artwork Table Lamp Night Light

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Product Description:

Immerse yourself in the world of the "Stargazing Cat" light painting art, taking you on a journey to a mysterious realm. When the lights are off, you will see a simple line drawing of a cat gazing upward at the stars. However, when you turn on the lights, the entire composition transforms into a captivating burst of colors, revealing the beauty and mystique of the starry sky.

This light painting art masterfully captures the moment of a cat gazing at the stars, delicately shaping the feline form with intricate lines. When you illuminate the lights, the artwork immediately bursts into a rich array of colors, as if you are sharing the wonder of stargazing with the cat.

Beyond its role as a decorative piece, this light painting art conveys emotions and ambiance. It creates an air of mystery and tranquility, making it a perfect addition to bedrooms, studies, or any space where you want to embrace a unique atmosphere.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Large Size 12.6" x 9.3" or Small Size 9.3" x 6.6"
  • Frame: Exquisite wood grain frame
  • Material: High-transparency acrylic panel
  • Light Source: 3-color adjustable LED lights
  • Control: Line control switch
  • Power: USB plug, 5V 2A

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