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[Recipient is not their own pro note] Hello everyone, a lot of pro-photographed this music box is sent directly to friends, sometimes to catch a birthday, but they are not allowed to express time, we can contact the owner Calculation express what time on the road, shoot a little earlier, to fill in the recipient's phone into their own, so do not send staff members to send out, and other birthday to tell a friend where to pick on the line, do not forget to tell a friend the day began sending member. . . . . . But we should be careful not to advance too much, a day or two on the list, too long the resource will take the courier company, a week no one sign will be returned to you, preferably in advance to ask a friend to take pieces are convenient, some in remote areas may be delivered once every three days, do not miss a birthday

Free shipping hair rhyme, SF make up 15 yuan freight, and the province of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui and Beijing buyers on the line rhyme, SF and rhyme, like speed, direct anyone except the loading force

The ball is solid, resin dandelion is completely wrapped up, there will be no air inside the ball

True dandelion, no bubbles, no hair loss, handmade, homegrown

Important information Required buyersSphere diameter 6.5 cm, base size 7 * 7 * 5 cm, smaller parents who do not think of a big, dandelion grows naturally only four centimeters in diameter, and then a big size is also just outside the sphere becomes large or small dandelion


And base ball stuck together, not split open!

This baby is fragile, after pro who receive careful handling, direct fall to the ground very easily broken, despite our very strong package, express way or have a very low probability of damage, if damaged received please contact us to take pictures, will give a refund or replacement pro, do not wait until a few days before being informed of baby sign is damaged, this does not determine who is responsible, but we can not find a courier company claims, I hope you understand

Best not to put the sun near a window, etc. can be irradiated directly to the place more conducive dandelion save the base is not easy to change color sun

Music movement is sankyo, the best on the market mechanical music box movement, sound quality can do this extent, winding, when playing music sound a little friction is normal, 15 seconds of music loop, without the battery, each a movement that only a fixed piece, can not replace the need to audition please contact customer service

Try not to put other outdoor windowsill or direct sunlight to place longer will save more fresh

Sphere diameter 6.5 cm, base size 7 * 7 * 5 cm pack size 9 * 9 * 12.5 cm

Without light, the ball can not rotate, in addition to playing music and ornaments of functionality, and other functions are not

Music connection

Castle in the Skyhttp: //www.tudou.com/programs/view/crISx2NhhX4
20-35 seconds

Rain imprinthttp: //m.56.com/album/id-7046472_vid-NTk2NTM3Mzc.html
0-15 seconds

Spirited Awayhttp: //www.tudou.com/programs/view/XLSqfd0eY_Q/
5-20 seconds

Canonhttp: //www.tudou.com/programs/view/ZO4cZovejS4
Beginning 15 seconds


[paypal type=”add” name=”Dandelion Dandelion primary specimen music box crystal ball music box wooden music box non universe sola” amount=”28.00″]

$ 28.00Price:$ 39.00

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