Adult science – Romantic Seasons Star Light Gakken genuine creative birthday gift for children

It sold the lights from the stars sharpens iron Books genuine copyright license, you must not block with dozens of copycat product comparison Oh. A penny stock, the absolute value for money. Products can not be opened after the second sale, it does not support seven days no reason to return replacement. Except there are quality problems.

1. Romantic Seasons Star Light is a pinhole planetarium model of cooperation by the world’s most advanced planetarium inventor Takayuki Ohira and Japanese JAXA designed to be able to project the beauty of the stars. 2. Star Light body is a star projector ball being 12 faces, including brightness of about 10 000 stars, size, position information on real stellar surface 12 offset. Star projection angle adjustment ball, or twist the dial on the bracket rotation angle can be projected anywhere, any day, any time of the stars. 3. Control of the book “Four Seasons star map”, but also find real constellations position.

Adult science: Romantic Seasons Star Light, “the Q & A

1.Q: Genuine Star Light package size? After installation of the size?

A: No installation package dimensions: length 29 cm, width 21 cm, height 5 cm

After installation Dimensions: overall height 35 cm, width (thickness) 25 cm

2.Q: Genuine Star Light power supply or battery?

A: genuine is the battery, you need to prepare yourself 2 AA batteries

3.Q: how long the battery can use? Night lights can make it?

A: Battery life depends on the user’s habits, if often driving power will be faster; additional night light is not very appropriate, after all, this model is not used for lighting, oh

4.Q: What tools will also be required to install?

A: pro also need to prepare a common (usually at home with the kind) Phillips screwdriver, two AA batteries

5.Q: Star light projection range?

       A: Usually about a dozen square meters for spatial effect is the best, the bigger the effect is more obvious

6.Q: Caution?


       A: the case must be completely dark before there are results, turn off all the light, curtains, so the room became completely dark feeling, remember: Any light source will affect the results.

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