Multimedia Mini wireless keyboard touchpad handheld miniature keypad backlight authentic free shipping RII V3

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RII V3 multimedia mini wireless keyboard touchpad pointer mini backlit keypad integrated authentic free shipping genuine security shipping wireless mouse and keyboard integrated touchpad mouse is the same Oh, and notebook touchpad mode of operation

up to dateV3 version of the F9-F12 function more than the old version of the function, multi-function scroll bar (on the touchpad is the blue roads) have RII trademarks and 2D codes on the back of the keyboard and packaging, using a mobile phone camera can be two-dimensional code direct official website. The use of distance has also been strengthened. Green logo to verify the authenticity

Suitable for meetings, teaching training, lectures,home theater.
For allDesktops, notebooks, HTPC,UMPC, onboard computer,
Andrews players, set-top boxes, hard disk playerBig-screen TV, smart TV, some support mouse functions (support OTG function, can be inserted USB mouse and keyboard) Tablet PC,And the use of the projector can be remotely operated in the 10M range, manipulate any orientation, comfortable, free, interactive, convenient. The same applies to Windows Media Center, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 games and other media platforms.

This can also be used in the WINDOWS tablets, millet TV box millet, music, as the box, TV, Samsung TV and other Android products, required quantities please contact

This is also available on OTG-enabled smart phones and tablet, Then you need OTG cable adapter, and then connect the receiver can use.Millet 2 Samsung P6800This is an example!

There pointer function

You have to look at the following powerful features:

* There FN function switch, personally I feel that there are two interesting places: one is Ctrl + Alt + Del (shared with the Enter key), the other is to switch to horizontal or vertical touch pad use (FN + ALT).

* The touchpad and left with the use of the mouse to drag function can be achieved (method: Hold down the left button, and drag the selected target on the touchpad)


Guaranteed authentic licensed, and imitations of the most intuitive difference between green logo!Dimensions: 151mm x 59mm x 12.5mm

Genuine long battery life, standby time of 40 days, is the cottage version of the eight times, feel and stability of nonCottage version comparable

Do not ask there is no stock, a lot of cash!

One-year warranty, 7 days package returned



Green Mark is the logo above coating may scratch the security check, the query: After scraping the coating may be a digital output above the official online search, there is the official website URL above; also can send information check

Only about 12 mm thickness, very light weight.One mouse and keyboard, the touchpad is similar to the right hand side of the notebook touch pad, you can operate horizontally, vertically can also operate the same size and the remote control function is far more powerful than the remote control.Support multimedia function keys, a key to open the browser, the player, a key control volume, track, and so on, fully comparable to a full laptop keyboard functionality.What is left of the keyboard, mini-USB interface can be connected to the data line chargingThe left side of the keyboard is a laser light pointer, pointer function, office workers / teachers can use

System Requirements:
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / WIN7 / WIN8
Mac OS 10.x or lower
4Linux (Debian 3.1 / Redhat 9.0 / Ubuntu 8.10 / Fedora 7.0)

Android (Smart TV box and OTG-enabled phones and tablets)


Another listing of the latest version of Bluetooth, you can connect mobile computers,click to enter



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